Designing Your Own Makeup Desk with IKEA ALEX 5 Drawers: Ideas To Create And Organise the Perfect Vanity Setup.

Designing Your Own Makeup Desk with IKEA ALEX 5 Drawers is a great way to keep your makeup organised and looking chic. This set of drawers has five drawers, allowing you to store all the beauty products needed for your daily look – it’s sure to become your new best friend! 


The first thing that stands out about these drawers is that they are quite deep. Thanks to this, you can fit in more items than with other models. Alex 5 Drawers are ideal for storing larger products like foundations, lipsticks and palettes. And even if you don’t have a big collection yet, the extra depth allows you to expand it over time without having to buy another desk. 


Another great feature of Alex 5 Drawers is the amount of organisation potential they offer. To help create an orderly setup, consider purchasing acrylic drawer inserts – these come in many shapes and sizes so that you can customise how you arrange your products according to their size and purpose. The most popular choices include slope trays (which work especially well for foundations, creams, primers and sprays), acrylic divider slots (to separate different items) as well as six-grid trays (great for lipsticks). With these options at hand, arranging everything becomes much simpler – plus it looks super stylish! 


In addition to being beautiful on the inside, Alex 5 Drawer sets add lots of charm on the outside too. They come in two colours – white or black – so they will easily fit into any kind of decor style without clashing with other furniture pieces. Plus, with its simple design featuring straight edges and a glossy finish, this desk oozes modern sophistication no matter which colour option you choose. 


When shopping for Alex 5 Drawer desks, remember that there are some accessories available too – such as extra side panels or knobs if desired. This makes buying them even more cost-effective since you won’t have to shell out extra money down the line when redecorating or expanding your makeup collection with new items! 


Overall, Ikea's ALEX 5 drawers are an excellent way to organise your makeup while adding an eye-catching touch at the same time! With their impressive depth and various organising options available, creating a neat and chic setup won't be a problem anymore!

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