All Glammed Up With Ikea: Ideas for Setting Up Your Makeup Vanity Room


No matter how much makeup you own, keeping it organised can be a challenge. From lipsticks to eyeshadow palettes, it’s easy for your vanity space to become cluttered and disorganised. But don’t worry – there are plenty of ways you can streamline your beauty routine and get back in control of your makeup storage! One option is using Ikea products. With a wide range of stylish storage solutions, Ikea can help you create a vanity area that looks and feels organised and calm. 


What Are the Best Ikea Products for Storing Makeup? 

The great thing about Ikea products is they provide both form and function. They look great, but they also do the job when it comes to organising your makeup collection. Here are some of the best Ikea products for storing all your cosmetics: 

• Alex Drawer 9: If you’re looking for something compact yet spacious enough to store all your makeup, this is a great choice. It has two drawers with lots of room for products like foundations, concealers, powders and blushes; plus compartments within each drawer perfect for smaller items like lipsticks or glitter pigments. Plus it comes with different colours so you can match it to the decor in your vanity space! 

• Alex Drawer 5: This sleek drawer system has five drawers ideal for storing all types of cosmetics from eyeshadows to lip balms. Each drawer offers four compartments so you can separate items by colour or type; plus it comes with wheels on the bottom which makes it easy to move around when needed! 

• Malm Desk: The perfect size for any vanity setup, this modern desk will make all your makeup more accessible while also providing additional storage space underneath the desktop. The white finish also gives off a clean and calming vibe fits perfectly with most bedrooms and bathrooms alike! 

• Lack Wall Shelf Unit: Ideal if you have limited floor space at home, this wall shelf unit provides ample storage without taking up too much room in your bedroom or bathroom. Use shelves to store face creams and serums as well as brushes and other tools; then hang small baskets off the sides to store even more products like mascaras or eyeliners! 


Using these pieces together will really help with organisation because they provide multiple levels of storage that work together – making them ideal if you have an extensive collection or just want an efficient beauty routine without having to search through endless piles of product every morning! Another bonus is that these pieces are extremely affordable too – meaning they won’t break the bank while still delivering style and organisation into any vanity setup.  


How Do I Use These Products For My Vanity Space? 

When arranging furniture pieces such as these in a vanity setup, think about how often you use certain items first; then arrange them in order from most used (like daily skincare) at eye level down towards less frequent items (like special occasion make-up). This ensures everything is within reach yet still organised well enough that nothing gets forgotten about at the bottom of a pile! 


You can also use baskets/boxes in between large furniture pieces like desks or drawers – this way nothing gets lost among larger items but still remains neatly tucked away out of sight when not needed (but easily accessible again when required!). Finally try adding scented candles or soothing music into your space – these touches will help make getting ready even more enjoyable each morning; plus they add an extra layer of luxury into the mix too!  


In conclusion, creating an organised make-up routine doesn’t have to be difficult - especially not with some cleverly chosen Ikea pieces helping out along the way! Whether needing additional compartments within drawers or wanting something small enough to fit next a basin sink – there is something out there from this Swedish brand that caters just what we need; plus their range looks amazing too - making it feel like our very own little sanctuary every time we open our door into our personalised beauty haven!

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